Bethany N. Carson's picture
Bethany N. Carson
Immigration Policy Researcher and Organizer
Sofia Casini's picture
Sofia Casini
Immigration Programs Coordinator
Lewis Conway's picture
Lewis Conway, Jr.
Criminal Justice Organizer
Marianna Dorta's picture
Marianna Dorta
Director of Finance & Administration
704.332.3090 ext. 2#
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Sulma Franco
Austin Sanctuary Network Organizer
Cate Graziani's picture
Cate Graziani
Criminal Justice Campaigns Coordinator
Chris Harris's picture
Chris Harris
Data Analyst & Campaigns Coordinator
Holly Kirby's picture
Holly Kirby
Criminal Justice Programs Director
Bob Libal's picture
Bob Libal
Executive Director
Claudia Muñoz's picture
Claudia Muñoz
Immigration Programs Director
Cristina Parker's picture
Cristina Parker
Communications Director
Annette Price's picture
Annette Price
Texas Advocates for Justice Statewide Coordinator
Rebecca Sanchez's picture
Rebecca Sanchez
Administration, Development & Visual Projects Coordinator
Naomi Swinton's picture
Naomi Swinton
Development Consultant
nthompson's picture
Natalia Thompson
Development Coordinator
djohnson's picture
David Johnson
Criminal Justice Organizer
dwilliams's picture
Dianna Williams
Texas Advocates for Justice, Houston Organizer