First in NPR series on Op. Streamline documents due process concerns

NPR’s Ted Robbins is rolling out an excellent in-depth 3-part series documenting the impact of Operation Streamline on the federal criminal justice system along the Southern Border.  The first in the series (“Border Patrol Program Raises Due Process Concerns” September 13) addresses the serious due process concerns raised by Operation Streamline.  The story describes the program as a “daily, systematic mass sentencing … unlike anything in U.S. judicial history.”

Perhaps the most poignant quote in the story comes from Heather Williams, an assistant federal defender in Tuscon.

Imagine, she says, if the tables were turned.

“What if your sister was in custody in France, or in Uganda, or in Thailand, and was treated and was shuffled through a process all in one day where they could be facing up to six months in prison, the way that people in Mexico and Central America are being shepherded through in this. The United States government would be absolutely outraged, and they’d be right in being outraged,” Williams says.

See the entire story here.  We’ll cover the rest of Robbins excellent series as the week progresses.