Yuma sector to expand Op. Streamline

The Yuma Sun (“Yuma Sector expands Operation Streamline,” December 20) is reporting that the Yuma sector of the Border Patrol will expand Operation Streamline into the neighboring area of Ajo,

(Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Kenneth) Quillin said the operation will address illegal entries within that target zone and present those individuals apprehended for prosecution. The operational objective of Operation Streamline is to provide a focused prosecutorial effort to all individuals entering illegally into the western border zones.

What that means, Quillin said, is that suspects caught within the area will be taken into custody and brought back to the Yuma Sector the following day, where they will be processed and eventually prosecuted.

The only exceptions will be juveniles and adults accompanied by minor children, depending on the adult’s criminal history.

That last sentence is important as critics of Operation Streamline have often pointed to the lack of protections for asylum-seeking immigrants or those who may have forms of humanitarian immigration relief such as trafficking victims.  Additionally, the article doesn’t address the cost of this expansion.  NPR reported that a full implementation of Operation Streamline could cost as much $1 billion.