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What you need to know about Fair Chance Hiring in Austin!

In the coming weeks, Austin City Council will be debating a Fair Chance Hiring (FCH) ordinance aimed at eliminating employment discrimination against individuals in Austin with a criminal record. This would be a huge step toward creating a more equitable Austin, strengthening our communities, and dismantling institutional racism in our city.

What exactly is Fair Chance Hiring? [node:read-more:link]

#Hutto27 update: Maribel is free from immigrant detention, but the fight isn't over

This photo was taken right after Maribel's bond hearing, where the judge flippantly commented, "Well, [Honduras] is a dangerous place" in response to her attorney explaining her case for asylum. In the end, he granted Maribel a $8,500 bond.

Click here to find out how to continue the fight to #FreeTheMadresLuchadoras

On Friday, fourteen people arrived to fill the small courtroom at the San Antonio immigration court and surprised staff with matching t-shirts to support Maribel Zelaya at the bond hearing she had finally been granted after more than a year in detention. [node:read-more:link]

Welcome Hutto Visitation Intern, Andrea Muraira

Grassroots Leadership is pleased to welcome, Andrea Muraira as our new Hutto Visitation Intern. Andrea will be outreaching to volunteers, supporting all trainings as well as co-facilitating the Spanish language Hutto Visitation trainings.   [node:read-more:link]

The year in review: 15 highlights of 2015 at Grassroots Leadership!

Massive march in Dilley, Texas to #EndFamillyDetention!

As we finish up 2015, we thought we’d reflect on the year at Grassroots Leadership.  We’ve had a terrific year of work and it couldn’t have been possible without the hard work and support of our staff, board, volunteers, allies, and donors.  Please consider making a donation to help our work continue in 2016.  Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you! [node:read-more:link]