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Correct Care Recovery Solutions to run lockdown facility in Littlefield

As part of a series of changes to the civil commitment program in Texas, Littlefield will serve as the new home for nearly 200 individuals convicted of a sexual offense who have served their time, but who have been indefinitely civilly committed. Although federally required to be a treatment program, not a punitive one, a company with roots in the private prison industry will operate the facility. Correct Care Recovery Solutions (CCRS), formerly known as GEO Care, is a spin-off corporation of GEO Group, the same corporation that operated the facility until 2009. Read more »

Welcoming Cate Graziani to the Grassroots Leadership team

We're happy to welcome Cate Graziani to the Grassroots Leadership team as our new Mental Health Campaigns Coordinator.  

While completing a Master of Science in Social Work and a Master of Public Affairs from UT - Austin, Cate contributed to Grassroots Leadership’s groundbreaking research on the private prison industry’s foray into mental healthcare, and the over-incarceration of individuals with mental health and substance use disorders was the focus of her master’s thesis Read more »

Securus Myth Vs. Fact Analysis Finale

States that have begun to use video visitation

Over the past few weeks we have delved into the mythical world of facts that surround a marketing campaign released by Securus on their website. As we come to the end of this series that counters their version of myths and facts surrounding the video visitation product that is taking over visitation in jails across America, we also wanted to educate people on a little bit of the other side of the coin in this industry. Lets start by addressing the last part of the fact page that Securus has created.

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A YAV year in review

When I walked into my first day of work at Grassroots Leadership, Cristina had been there for at least an hour already working on the call-in campaign to get Sara and Nayely released from Karnes. She quickly explained to me what was going on and asked me to jump in where I felt comfortable. Just over a month later, we had planned the rally at Karnes and released the report on family detention. Even today, my last day, I feel like there is much to do and that this work will never be done. Read more »

Court rules family detention illegal!

On Friday night, Judge Dolly Gee released the long-awaited decision in the case against family detention. She ruled that the Administration’s family detention policy violates the terms of the Flores settlement, which lays out minimum conditions for children held in federal immigration custody. Watch a quick video here by AILA attorneys with the main points of the decision and what happens next.

In the decision, Judge Gee excoriates the government's reasoning for maintaining family detention in phrases that display the same outrage felt by immigrant advocates. "It is astonishing that Defendants [ICE] have enacted a policy requiring such expensive infrastructure without more evidence to show that it would be compliant with an Agreement that has been in effect for nearly 20 years or effective at achieving what Defendants hoped it would accomplish," Gee wrote.

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Securus Myth Vs. Fact Analysis Part 3

In this series, we are examining the latest in public relations and marketing tactics from Securus Technologies, which details their version of myths and facts surrounding their video visitation product. Part 1 can be found here and part 2 here. Lets take a look at what they have to say about quality and profit.

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