Grassroots Leadership Welcomes Piper Madison

Grassroots Leadership is pleased to welcome Piper Madison to our team in the Austin office.  Piper comes to us through the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.'s Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Program, which matches young adults with non-profits for a year of service.  This is the first year that Austin is hosting participants in the program. The goals of the YAV program include: to experience living in intentional Christian community; to focus on spiritual formation; to engage young adults in the [Presbyterian] church’s mission; to assist YAVs in vocational discernment; to be present in communities of need and to facilitate young adults’ engagement in communities of need.

Piper graduated in May from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a degree in North African Studies, which involved studying not only French and Arabic language but also the effects of political and economic colonialism on non-dominant ethnicities.  Piper has served the PCUSA in various functions, most recently as an advisory delegate to the 220th General Assembly, where she advocated for queer rights and inclusiveness.  She describes herself as "very Presbyterian" and points to the democratic, non-hierarchical, and ever-evolving character of the church as the qualities that she values most about the denomination.

Over the next year, Piper will be working to help Grassroots Leadership build relationships with faith communities and providing support for the Visitation Program and Texas United For Families.  You can follow Piper's experience over the year on her YAV Blog.  We're very excited to have Piper working with us over the next year!  She can be reached at