The Dirty 30 - What Corrections Corp. of America doesn't want you to know!

Today Grassroots Leadership released our lat

est report, The Dirty Thirty: Nothing to Celebrate About 30 Years of Corrections Corporation of America, with our partners at the Public Safety and Justice Campaign.   It's part of our yearlong campaign to tell CCA and the private prison industry that there is nothing to celebrate about 30 years of private prisons. 

Founded in 1983, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) gave birth to the modern for-profit private corrections industry.  Over the last 30 years, the company has profited from the "war on drugs" and "tough on crime" policies and found a lucrative market in the detention of immigrants.  Now a multi-billion dollar corporation, CCA uses its substantial political influence to make sure its interests are met. 

The Dirty 30 offers 30 examples from the company's history intended to shine a spotlight on the grave consequences of privatization for incarcerated people, prison staff, and the public at large, and brings a critical eye to the role of for-profit prison firms in criminal justice and immigration policies.  

Please take a look at the report, take a look at what our allies are saying, share it on Facebook and Twitter (use the hashtag #CCADirty30 to join the conversation), and join us in telling Corrections Corporation of America that there is nothing to celebrate about 30 years of making money off locking people up!