19 immigrants will disappear from Austin during SXSW

During the week-long South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, 19 people will be deported from Austin.

We know that because according to ICE data, every week an average of 19 people are turned over to ICE from the Travis County jail on 10th Street.  That is an exceptionally high number

Travis County, and especially Austin, often holds itself out to be a progressive and welcoming community tucked into an otherwise very conservative state.  We even take in hundreds of thousands of y’all during SXSW!

While we’ve taken Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton to task before for running a brisk deportation racket, the sad truth is that Austin continues to be amongst the leaders in Texas and nationally in rounding up and deporting people from our community.

The Austin Chronicle put it like this:

“You may be asking why liberal Austin and Travis County would, for all intents and purposes, turn a blind eye to the sheriff's continued participation in a program that rips families apart, leaves kids without a parent or breadwinner, and creates enormous emotional trauma for those left behind.”

While the city enjoys an economic and image boost during SXSW, Sheriff Greg Hamilton continues to tweet in defense of his cruel and costly relationship with ICE.