ACLU of TN delivers petition to Gov. — Kick CCA out of TN!

Today, the nation’s first and largest for-profit private prison company, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), is holding its annual shareholders’ meeting in Nashville, TN. The Nashville based, multi-billion dollar corporation and its shareholders profit handsomely from the imprisonment of human beings. 

This time last year, while CCA was celebrating its 30 year anniversary at their shareholders’ meeting, Grassroots Leadership and our partners marched outside and smashed pinatas in protest. We let them know there is nothing to celebrate about 30 years of profiting from pain. Check out more photos of us crashing CCA's party last year HERE.

This year, the ACLU of Tennessee has launched a campaign against CCA to stand up against prison profiteering and to kick CCA out of the state it calls home. The petition, which will be delivered to Governor Haslam TODAY and has over 25,000 signatures, calls on the governor to end CCA contracts and for Tennesseans to stop filling CCA’s pockets with their tax dollars. 

Find out more about ACLU's campaign HERE and add your name to the thousands around the nation that are saying NO MORE to private prisons banking on keeping people behind bars.