#TBT To when we cheered the end of family detention in Texas

Today’s #tbt is a throwback to the time we cheered the end of family detention at the T. Don Hutto detention center. When the Obama administration ordered an end to family detention there in 2009 and that no new family detention centers would be built, we thought that this particular fight was over. Unfortunately, we were wrong.  

A letter to the Prime Minister of Canada from a child at Hutto.


While Hutto’s shady past of detaining families is behind it, the government apparently doesn’t remember the serious issues with family detention and has been rapidly backsliding towards family detention on a larger scale than ever before.

Two large family detention centers are currently operating in Karnes City, Texas and Artesia, New Mexico, and plans to build another massive facility in Dilley, Texas were just announced. Although the feds seem to be suffering from memory loss, we do not. We remember how awful it was for the children and their families in Hutto. There, children lost weight and mothers complained that the prison guards were threatening children with separation from their parents if they were too loud. The same stories are being told at Artesia and Karnes. Family detention does not work, no matter where it is. 

Cristina Parker, Immigration Projects Coordinator, was struck by the sight of a worker moving a pallet of diapers she saw on a recent ICE directed tour of the detention center in Karnes.

It’s unconscionable that there is a need for pallets of diapers in a facility that was originally built to detain immigrant men. Children and families do not belong behind bars now or ever.

We will not stand by and allow the practice of family detention to continue in Texas. Join us October 11th at our Rally to End Family Detention in Karnes City, TX.