Why are Vermonters warehoused in out-of-state private prisons? TAKE ACTION NOW.

You might recall from our report last November, Locked Up and Shipped Away: Interstate Prisoner Transfers and the Private Prison Industry, that four states — Vermont, Idaho, California, and Hawaii — currently have prisoners shipped out-of-state to private, for-profit prisons. These states have slapped a costly bandaid on a crisis that needs real solutions. Shipping prisoners across state lines to private prisons is hurting families and destroying critical supportive ties between prisoners and loved ones while Corrections Corporation of America is cashing in. Now, Grassroots Leadership is working with Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform to coordinate a campaign in Vermont to put an end to this shameful practice and bring prisoners home! 

WE NEED YOU to help spread the word. Visit our campaign page to learn more HERE and share this post with Vermonters in your network!