What we accomplished protesting family detention at Karnes

More than 120 people from Austin, Elgin, San Antonio, Dallas, Taylor and other cities joined the rally to end family detention on Saturday, October 11.  Heavy rain battered us in Austin and San Antonio all morning, but the skies cleared by the time we arrived at the Karnes County family detention center.

Once there, we sang, chanted, and acted out how we will break the deportation machine. We challenged the private prison officials who run the facility by trying to deliver more than 100 letters to children from the #WeBelongTogether campaign.  They turned us away, but took the letters. Then, we redecorated the facility sign with paper chains to show that this is not a "residential center;" it's a prison. RAICES was there to share their plans to raise money to cover as many bonds as possible to get families out of detention. You can donate to their bond fund by clicking here.  

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success! Don't miss these beautiful photos from the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition. 

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