Grassroots Leadership is pleased to welcome Immigration Policy Researcher and Organizer Bethany Carson

Grassroots Leadership is pleased to welcome Bethany Carson to our Austin staff as the Immigration Policy Researcher and Organizer.

Most recently, Bethany has been coordinating the inception of a new immigrant visitation program at the ICE-contracted detention center in Cleburne, Texas and organizing against local policy discriminatory towards immigrants. Previously, she served as a parent liaison to an After-School program for immigrant children and helped to coordinate and run some of the first DACA clinics in Kentucky. Bethany also participated in a labor rights delegation to Colombia with international grassroots organization Witness for Peace, leading to a co-authored a report to the U.S. Embassy and continued advocacy for a group of injured auto workers on hunger strike. Leading up to the 2012 presidential election, Bethany also worked on a GOTV and Civic Engagement campaign at the Dallas Peace Center.

Originally from Allen, Texas, Bethany attended Centre College in Kentucky where she studied Government and Spanish, and had the opportunity to study and work in several minority and migrant communities in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.

“After years of researching and observing the injustices of U.S policy in Latin America and U.S. immigrant communities, I am excited for the opportunity to advocate full time for the decriminalization of immigrant communities and the dismantling of the Prison Industrial Complex. I’m thrilled to be working for just and lasting change with the wonderful people of Grassroots Leadership.”