UNBELIEVABLE: Private prison corporation opening new family detention center accidentally tear-gassed children at S. Texas school

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the same for-profit prison corporation opening a controversial new detention center for refugee families this week in Dilley, Texas, accidentally tear-gassed children last week at a South Texas middle school near another one of its prisons.

According to the Valley Morning Star, at least 15 children and three adults were made sick after tear gas used in a training exercise at the company's state jail in Raymondville, Texas, traveled about a mile to the school where the kids were in a physical education class outside.

CCA is the same private prison corporation that is opening the controversial new family detention center on the site of an oil worker "man-camp" this week outside of the remote south Texas town of Dilley.  The facility is anticipated to grow to 2,400 beds and will become the largest immigration detention center in the country.  Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is expected to be at the Dilley facility Monday, December 15. 

CCA also operated the T. Don Hutto family detention center in Taylor, Texas that detained immigrant families between 2006-2009.  At Hutto, reports of children wearing prison jump suits, cell counts multiple times a day, and razor wire surrounding the facility drew international scrutiny.  After many months of litigation and three years of protests, the Obama Administration ended the practice of mass family detention at Hutto in 2009.

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