ICYMI: Bob Libal tells the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights what's wrong with immigrant detention (video)

Last week, we tuned in to watch Grassroots Leadership's own Bob Libal testify before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about the monstrous U.S. immigrant detention system. He told the Commission that the system was too dependent on for-profit private prisons and that all types of human rights abuses fester in this massive system. 

The all-day hearing contained reports of abuse and corporate greed so shocking that Commission Chair Martin Castro stopped testimony briefly to express himself. 

"I’m shocked to hear the consistency among different facilities — the kind of abuse, sexual and otherwise that seems to be occurring," Castro said. "There’s clearly a culture of this going on."

Castro was also unhappy that the GEO Group did not deign to send a representative to the hearing. “They refused to be here. I’m going to consider whether I ask my colleagues to reopen this hearing at some point so I have to subpoena them to come in," Castro said. 

In case you missed it (or ICYMI for Twitter fans), you can watch the testimony here now. Bob joins Carl Takei of the ACLU, and Mary Meg McCarthy of the National Immigrant Justice Center in telling the Commission that major changes are needed in the immigrant detention system. 

You can also read the full text of the written testimony Bob submitted to the Commission.