Celebrating Grassroots Leadership and Mitty Owens in New York this Thursday!

Mitty Owens with fellow board members Nicole Porter and Gabriela Benitez
At our upcoming 35th anniversary anniversary celebrations in New York and Austin, we will honor our long time board member Mitty Owens, a Brooklyn-based organizer, strategist, and activist, who will be leaving the Grassroots Leadership board this year after 25 years of service.  

"Mitty has helped guide Grassroots Leadership's political outlook, strategy, and governance for more than two decades," said Executive Director Bob Libal.  "He has been invaluable to the growth and many victories of Grassroots Leadership over the years and we will deeply miss him."

"When I joined this board - 25 years ago (gulp!), we had some local politicians on the run; but Presidential hopefuls were not citing our work as they are today," said Mitty Owens. "We've focused and transformed our early southern organizing work into a highly effective national campaign exposing corporate profiteering off mass incarceration and immigrant detention, while rooting our work in local organizing and coalition building.  I'm pleased that we've found this critical nexus - impacting people's lives directly and immediately, while also advancing broader systemic change for racial justice and the power and leadership of the people."

Please join us in thanking Mitty for his service to Grassroots Leadership by joining us at our New York or Austin celebrations or by making a donation in his honor to Grassroots Leadership's 35th anniversary celebrations.