Want to stop Texas from licensing family detention camps as childcare facilities?

TAKE ACTION: The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) is trying again to license family detention centers as “childcare” facilities after a judge blocked the state from licensing the family detention lockups under a so-called "emergency" rule. Giving family detention centers childcare licenses is an obvious attempt to get around another judge's order to release women and children from family detention.

Now, the state is trying again, by seeking to adopt something called Proposed Rule 40 , that would make many exceptions for family detention to allow the label "childcare" to be applied to them. The truth is that the only childcare emergency at Karnes and Dilley is that children and their mothers are imprisoned in the first place.

Can you sign on now to send a comment to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services?

Sign the petition against licensing family detention camps right now

Your petition will go directly to the offices of Judge John J. Specia, Jr., the Commissioner for the Texas DFPS, and reads in part:

"I believe that immigrant family detention centers should never be licensed as childcare facilities in Texas.  Children at the Karnes and Dilley family detention centers have been exposed to conditions that child welfare experts have called inappropriate, neglectful and abusive... As they are now, the family detention centers in Karnes and Dilley cannot meet the standards for childcare licensing in Texas. That's exactly why the State of Texas shouldn't give these facilites a childcare license.... I urge you to not issue any childcare license to the family detention centers in Karnes County and Dilley, Texas. By their very nature, family detention centers operate contrary to the best interests of any child and family locked up inside."