Police Chief Acevedo, join us in calling for an end to private immigrant prisons

Private immigrant detention facilities are notorious for their long list of abuses: inedible food, inadequate medical treatment, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, lack of due process, death due to denied medical treatment, poor hygiene, unsafe living conditions, etc. Last month the Bureau of Prisons announced they will be phasing out private prisons within their department. This pressured the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to announce they are conducting an investigation into their contracts with private prisons as well.

Austin’s Chief of Police, Art Acevedo, was selected as a member of the DHS committee reviewing their private prison contracts. In a recent interview with Univision, Acevedo said he has no evidence of abuses in private prisons. In response to this statement, our community in Austin is asking Acevedo to make a public statement about the abuses in for-profit immigrant detention facilities!

As Austin community members and visitors to immigrant detention facilities, and allies across the country, we are demanding that Acevedo publicly speak to the committee on behalf of what the community knows to be true. #Evidence4Acevedo is a call for those with power to protect our community from abuses by publicly advocating for an end to private immigrant prisons.

-Hosted by: Texans United for Families

Texans United for Families (TUFF) is a group of community members in Austin, Texas working to end all immigrant detention and demanding the recognition of human dignity for all, regardless of immigration status. We will support the organizing efforts of detained immigrants and their families. We understand our efforts to end immigrant detention as a social justice struggle to combat racialized immigration policy and capitalism, systems which profit from the exploitation of people.

We work independently and in coalition with others on campaigns that advocate for an end to detention and deportation through direct action and public education. We work to shut down detention centers, stop deportations, release individuals from detention, and change immigration enforcement policy.

Here is our #Evidence4Acevedo:

Have your own evidence of abuse in private prisons? Take a photo with this sign and tweet @ArtAcevedo.