Announcing Sofia Casini's new role at Grassroots Leadership

Sofia Casini, immigration programs coordinator

I am pleased to announce that Sofia Casini has joined our staff full-time as our new immigration programs coordinator. To many of you, Sofia is a familiar face. She has been working as our detention visitation coordinator since 2015.

Sofia Casini brings over 15 years of experience working with immigrants, refugees, and victims of trafficking. 

She brings both personal experience with family detained and deported and professional experience supporting impacted communities. Her own father, an Italian national, was caught up in the intersection of our criminal justice and immigration systems due to unjust retroactive immigration policies. Previous positions include advocate within the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program in West Africa, executive director of both Refugee Services of Texas and AVANCE, and board member of Plenty International. Sofia holds an MA in International Migration and BA in Cultural Anthropology.