Grassroots Leadership's latest publication lays the groundwork for a new program area

Grassroots Leadership is excited to release Beyond Alternatives to Incarceration and Confinement, which lays the groundwork for a new project area to fight the Treatment Industrial Complex. Our work exposing the TIC has shed light on the private prison profiteers who built billion dollar empires as partners in tough on crime policies and who are now adapting to reforms by rebranding themselves as humane treatment providers and reentry experts.

In 2016, Corrections Corporation of America renamed itself CoreCivic, after years of investing more than $250 million in community corrections. The President and CEO explained that the rebranding “is the culmination of a multi-year strategy to transform our business from largely corrections and detention services to a wider range of government solutions.”

Earlier this year GEO Group acquired Community Education Centers, a $360 million acquisition solidifying their intent to profit from so-called alternatives to incarceration. According to CEO George Zoley, the merger “further positions GEO to meet the demand for increasingly diversified correctional, detention, and community reentry facilities and services.”

In order to offer solutions that do not reinforce the TIC, authors Cate Graziani, Liat Ben-Moshe and Haile Eshe Cole call for a new way forward: re-imagining alternatives outside the realm of the carceral state and beyond the reach of prison profiteers. 

Grassroots Leadership seeks a full-time organizer to join the criminal justice team and support our efforts to fight the TIC and develop transformative alternatives to incarceration and confinement. See full job description here.