Welcome David Johnson, our new Criminal Justice Organizer, to the Grassroots Team!

David Johnson - Criminal Justice Organizer

We are pleased to welcome David Johnson to Grassroots Leadership as our new Criminal Justice Organizer. Through a two-year Peer Policy Fellowship from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, David will actively support our efforts to promote the effective treatment of mental illness and substance use as an alternative to their criminalization.

Before joining the Criminal Justice Team, David worked in the software industry in areas including database management, development, project management, and business development. However, key to his fit with our team is his lived experience as a formerly incarcerated person thriving in active recovery from addiction with a mental health diagnosis. Since early 2017, David has been an active volunteer for Solstice Recovery Foundation - an Austin-based 501(c)(3) that supports addiction recovery - and holds the position of Recovery Ambassador with the organization. He also actively supports Oxford House, Austin Recovery, RecoveryATX, and NAMI.

Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Il., David moved to Houston, Tx. in 1990, and finally arrived in Austin, Tx. in January 2017. He is a happy father, husband, son, brother, friend, and student. He devours knowledge, experiences, and quality media without pause. His grandmother was a caterer so he loves preparing and eating food. He's nifty on guitar, bass, and decks (vinyl or CDJs). David enjoys most music from yacht rock to drum n' bass, and is an endless vault of odd information. He dreams of connecting with people and getting back to his circa-1993 physique.