We are proud to welcome Field Organizer Jennifer Pumphrey to the Grassroots Leadership team

I’m happy to share the news that Jennifer Pumphrey has joined the Grassroots Leadership team as a field organizer in Austin.

Jennifer is starting from a place of deep knowledge about the local community, because she was born and raised in Austin, Texas.  Specifically, she grew up on the East Side, and saw first-hand the racial disparities, oppression, and gang violence in the community. This sparked an interest in Jennifer at a very young age in understanding and the need to fix our broken judicial system.

Then, Jennifer experienced that system herself for the first time in her late teens. “It was like adding fuel to the fire,” Jennifer said. “Personally experiencing the criminal justice system and how dehumanizing, cruel, and inhumane that system was. I saw for myself how that system can and does ruin lives, causing people to lose everything — including their self worth. That deepened that need within me to become a part of the solution and fueled with in me the desire to see a more preventative and humane system emerge.”

Jennifer has been an advocate and has volunteered for Grassroots Leadership for years. She became a TAJ member in 2016, when she completed the seven-week Leadership Training program.  She is also a member of The Reentry Advocacy Project. She has worked on projects with The Texas After Violence Project and has testified at the Commissioners Court and City Council on many occasions.

Jennifer is working toward earning her Bachelor’s in political science from Austin Community College, with a minor in Business Management.  

“I cannot express how excited I am to have this opportunity to represent such an amazing organization and cannot wait to see all that we can achieve, when we stand together, united and let those in power know that we will NOT stand for these deplorable conditions, ripping families apart and the trauma that is caused by our criminal justice system,” Jennifer said.