Welcoming Arlin Tellez and Dulce Guerrero as Immigration interns

Grassroots Leadership is pleased to welcome Dulce Guerrero and Arlin Tellez as Immigration interns this summer.

Dulce Guerrero was born in Nayarit, Mexico and came to the United States alongside her family at the age of three. Her family settled in Georgia where she lived 20 years prior to moving to Delaware to pursue higher education. Dulce currently attends Delaware State University where she is majoring in Political Science.

Since 2011, Dulce has worked on public campaigns to help stop the deportation of immigrants around the country. Dulce became active in immigrant rights organizing after a minor traffic violation landed her mother in jail and on the verge of deportation during her senior year in high school. Aside from deportation defense, Dulce has also worked on in-state tuition campaigns for undocumented students in the state of Georgia. She was a plaintiff in a 2013 lawsuit against the University System of Georgia.

Arlin was born in Hidalgo, Mexico and grew up in North Carolina. Arlin is an undocumented woman and has experienced the injustice of anti-immigrant legislations like 287(g). She organized in North Carolina for tuition equity for undocumented students and organized for immigrant rights. She is pursuing her undergraduate degrees in International Relations and Political Science at Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC. She will be assisting and learning from the Crimmigration Team and hopes to learn new strategies to share with her community in North Carolina.