Welcoming Sue Gabriel as Prison Justice League Administrator

We are thrilled to have Sue Gabriel join our team as the Prison Justice League Administer. Welcome to the team, Ms. Sue!

Sue was born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas.  She attended Port Arthur College, Southwestern Business University, and received an Associate Degree from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

Her father was a Civil Rights advocate who started a NAACP chapter in Port Arthur.  While he was employed by the City of Port Arthur, he fought for "equal pay for equal work" for the Black men of the city.  Sue "inherited" her father's determination for equal rights for all.

Sue experienced first-hand the inhumanity of the criminal injustice system when she suddenly became a victim of the immoral policing system.  This lead to a wrongful arrest and police brutality.  

Sue completed the TAJ training in 2017.  As a member of TAJ,  Sue has testified at the Commissioner's Court against the proposed women's jail,  also at the city council pertaining to the APD budget, and at the State capital during the 86th legislature.

Since 2005, Sue has been a volunteer with faith-based prison ministries.  She is also a member of Communities of Color United: Coalition for Racial Justice, and an artist and craftsperson.