#HomesNotHandcuffs victory is under attack. Fight back with this social media toolkit!

Our #HomesNotHandcuffs victory is under attack by a targeted misinformation campaign that is trying to undermine the work we did to decriminalize homelessness in Austin.

We need your help to fight back against folks online who are spreading lies and fear. Not sure what to say? Check out this social media toolkit:

Sample tweets/posts

We chose to be a city that has compassion for the most vulnerable people in our society. Decriminalizing homelessness is a crucial first step in our ongoing fight to make Austin a city that is for all, not just the wealthy and privileged. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

#ATXCouncil did not change rules related to harassment, assault, blocking sidewalks, or public safety. What they did do was stop locking people up just for being homeless, and we pushed them to start investing in more shelter and services. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

To those taking photos of homeless people without their consent: that is shameful, it is harassment, and you are guilty of the same thing you’re claiming to be so deeply concerned about. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

Repealing anti-homeless ordinances is a GOOD thing. Remember who is most impacted. People like Alvin won’t have to risk their lives to get a night’s sleep. People like Xavier won’t have to face countless tickets for trying to survive. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

.@GregAbbott_TX stop fearmongering. Instead of spreading lies on the internet about homeless people, listen to those criminalized for not having a place to sleep. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

There is an organized effort from anti-homeless people to spread fear and misinformation. Next time you see an article/tweet/post attacking homeless folks, remember why people with money would want you to believe them. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

People experiencing homelessness will legally have a place in our community. By forcing the city to face homelessness, tickets have dropped and more initiatives aimed at ending homelessness have begun. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

Bringing people into the light also reduces homeless victimization. Having their existence criminalized & being forced into the margins of society has made many people experiencing homelessness targets of those that mean to cause harm. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

.@GregAbbott_TX Changes to Austin's anti-homeless laws allow Austin to live up to its values and to more humanely and effectively work to end homelessness. #HomesNotHandcuffs #AustinHomeless

Thanks to changes to ATX’s anti-homeless laws: Those experiencing homelessness will have fewer barriers to housing & jobs, enabling more of them to more quickly escape homelessness. This won't "fix" homelessness on its own, but it’s a good start. #AustinHomeless 

Decriminalizing homelessness in ATX will scale back the use of police for public health & socioeconomic issues, who are too often ill-equipped to handle these issues & prone to unnecessary force. They also feed people into a system that hurts more than helps. #AustinHomeless