Host a screening of "No Sanctuary"

The new documentary "No Sanctuary: Big Business and Family Detention" by filmmaker Matthew Gossage chronicles the return of immigrant family detention in the United States. The Texas-made film follows our government's response to refugee and migrant families: the creation and expansion of new private prisons in remote areas of south Texas. In a radical reversal of his own previous decision to end family detention in 2009, President Obama has now surpassed the Bush administration in expanding the use of detention centers for refugee families. The documentary relays this history through the people who live it and shines a light on the growing grassroots movement fighting to close these family prisons and welcome our neighbors with compassion.

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The film is free to nonprofits, churches, and community & student groups. We are requesting that universities and law firms purchase a copy, as their budgets allow, to help with the cost of production.