ICE out of Austin / ICE Fuera de Austin

ICE out of Austin, one of Grassroots Leadership’s community-building organizations, is a space for and led by people whose lives are directly impacted by this country’s harsh immigration laws.

ICE out of Austin helps guide and support the Austin immigrant community to organize in order to fight for their safety and freedom from incarceration and deportation because when our communities are informed, prepared, and connected, we know our communities are safe.

Everyone deserves to live without the worry of being targeted—whether it be by the police or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). In 2018, ICE out of Austin was instrumental in the fight for a Freedom City policy to keep Black and brown communities safe from racial profiling; and continues to hold the Austin Police Department accountable to any violations, because one person targeted, one person detained, one person deported is one too many. 

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