Clinton Criticizes Immigrant Detentions Under Obama

May 6, 2015
US News and World Report

"Clinton on Tuesday also referenced the so-called detention bed quota, which has expanded the number of immigrant detention beds the government is required to maintain to 34,000. A recently released report by the group Grassroots Leadership revealed that members of the private prison industry, which operates over half the beds in detention facilities, have spent millions combined on immigration-related lobbying efforts as Congress has dealt with the quota issue.

'I'm not sure a lot of Americans know that a lot of the detention facilities for immigrants are run by private companies,' Clinton said. 'They have a built-in incentive to fill them up, that there is actually a legal requirement that so many beds be filled. So people go out and round up people in order to get paid on a per-bed basis. I mean that just makes no sense at all to me. That's not the way we should be running any detention facility.'"