Sexual Abuse Claims Emerge From Hutto Immigrant Detention Site

November 9, 2017

"Officials at Austin-based Grassroots Leadership, an immigrant advocate group, said Thursday they recently received a letter from inside the T. Don Hutto immigrant detention center in Taylor, Texas, from Laura Monterrosa, a 23-year-old immigrant being held at the facility by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials given her undocumented status.

In the correspondence, the detained immigrant describes a pattern of sexual assault at the facility that she has endured since June, naming two different guards as perpetrators. The detained woman referenced an alleged assault by a female guard.

'She harassed me, telling me threatening words and forcing me to have unwanted relations with he,' writes Monterrosa in her letter. 'She looked for or took advantage of every moment she could to touch my breasts or my legs, she knew where and when she did it. I don't remember dates because there are many. She worked in the recreation area and what she did with me what she did with other residents.

Monterrosa initially broke her silence to a member of Grassroots Leadership's visitation program, officials at the nonprofit told Patch. She claimed another woman in detention was accused of lying and moved to a different location after making a sexual assault complaint as part of an alleged pattern of abuse and retaliation inside the detention center, Grassroots officials said."