WilCo group seeking answers from sheriff's office on sex assault investigation

December 4, 2017

"Laura Monterrosa first spoke out Nov. 9, according to Grassroots Leadership. She said a guard sexually abused her.

'Since the day that I talked to investigators from the Sheriff’s Office and gave them all of my evidence I have not heard anything back from them,' she said in a press release from Grassroots Leadership. 'I expected Williamson County to treat the investigation differently than ICE, but up until now, they’re acting the same. I am still here inside detention and the guard still works here. I need justice.'

'She told us that there was a guard in there who was making sexual harassment comments to her,' Grassroots Leadership spokesperson Claudia Munoz said. 'He was just saying inappropriate things like we'll be together when you get out of here and he'd touch her legs and breasts when she was in the recreation center in very strategic areas where there were no cameras."'