Advocates push for "freedom policies" before Thursday council meeting

June 12, 2018
FOX 7 Austin

Karen Reyes recalls a time last year when she thought she'd never see her mother again.

“My mom was pulled over and it was a really, really scary time for her and myself as well as other people who were undocumented,” said Reyes who is a teacher.“As a teacher I saw a lot of the trust between our communities and the police kind of break down when we were having a lot of ICE raids last year."

She is one of many who believe arrests for minor offenses can lead to the deportation pipeline.  She also thinks the City of Austin should adopt two resolutions, coined “freedom policies,” authored by council member Greg Casar.

“What we're talking about are low level offenses that the state legislature back in 2007 said, police can give tickets for this,” said Chris Harris with Grassroots Leadership.