Advocates Want #MeToo Debate to Include Immigrant Detention

January 8, 2018
US News

"The advocacy group Grassroots Leadership, which publicized Monterrosa's case, says two other women in the same facility have since written letters describing sexual harassment.

'Women are forced to do what they say or stay silent out of fear,' Monterrosa said.

Bethany Carson, an immigration researcher at Grassroots Leadership, called on authorities to release Monterrosa so 'she can live in peace and recover from this new trauma she experienced at the hands of those responsible for ensuring her safety.'

Monterrosa is being held at the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, Texas, a rural town outside of Austin. Hutto has been the target of lawsuits and criminal investigations since shortly after it opened in 2006, having been converted from a medium-security prison."