Heartfelt effort continues to help refugees seeking asylum

August 28, 2018

Longtime Westlake resident Ann Finch is not for an open border and isn’t sure how the U.S. and Mexico governments should change policy for granting asylum to refugees who cannot return to their homeland. But she is dedicated to helping asylum-seekers after leading a recent mission to distribute 316 “dignity bags” along the Texas-Mexico border.

That effort, Finch said, was the result of news reports that prompted her to attend a protest in June led by the American Civil Liberties Union to challenge mass hearings for asylum seekers in Brownsville. She also met contacts who helped her understand the problem and identify people with the greatest needs.

Upon arriving home, she went to her church and asked for help funding the gift bags, which are filled with items ranging from raisins and crackers to toothbrushes and first aid kits.

“They sure are generous,” Finch said of her Westlake United Methodist Church leaders. “They gave me some money and said, ‘Go do what you need to do.’”