ICE Retaliates Against Hutto Detainee?

February 14, 2018
Austin Chronicle

"After accusing a T. Don Hutto detention center guard of sexual abuse, immigrant detainee Laura Monterrosa was held in solitary confinement for 60 hours last weekend as an act of retaliation by ICE, according to advocacy group Grassroots Leadership, who say Monterrosa was told she would not be released until she publicly stated no sexual abuse occurred.

Since Monterrosa’s revelation last November, ICE and for-profit detention center managers CoreCivic have increased punishment tactics with discipline and verbal aggression. Monterrosa attempted to take her own life by ingesting 51 pain pills left on Jan. 11. 'I feel very desperate because I tried to report the abuse from ICE and facility officials, but they continue to psychologically abuse me through intimidation,' she said last month. 'I do not feel safe or secure. I am not receiving the medical treatment or help I need.' Last week, an ICE official identified as “Soto” demanded she call Grassroots’ Bethany Carson and tell her she would no longer work with them; and that if she did not recant her story of sexual abuse to the media, she would face solitary confinement indefinitely, the organization claims."