Salvadoran asylum-seeker says abuses still go on at detention center

March 26, 2018
¡Ahora Sí!

"'I know that at this time, the women in the detention center are looking at me,' Laura Monterrosa said Monday in Spanish at a news conference, surrounded by local organizers who have been campaigning for her release since last year. 'Don’t let anyone violate your human rights. … It doesn’t matter if you are not of this country or if you are an immigrant, your rights will always be your rights, and they must be respected.'

Claudia Muñoz, the immigration programs director for Grassroots Leadership, which has been supporting Monterrosa, said she hopes other immigrants can look up to her as an example that they, too, can come forward with their own stories of abuse.

'We are hoping that they see Laura’s leadership and her courage and how brave she is, and they know that it is possible to speak out about your own case and be able to get your freedom,' Muñoz said."