10 Organizations Every Latino Should Know About

January 13, 2020
Latin Post

1. Hispanic Heritage Foundation

This is an award-winning nonprofit foundation that identifies, inspires, prepares, and positions Latino leaders in different fields. The Hispanic Heritage Foundation helped thousands of students and young professionals become connected through mentoring. 


NALEO educational fund was founded in 1981 and its mission is to increase the effectiveness of Latino policymakers, mobilize the Latino community by increasing their participation in civic life, and promote policies that advance the Latino community in political engagement. Moreover, NALEO educational fund is the leading non-profit and non-partisan organization that facilitates the transition of Latinos from citizenship to public service.

3. Grassroots Leadership

They help the community in hopes of prison profiteering, mass incarceration and deportation, and criminalization, especially for the underrepresented groups, become things of the past. The group has organized groups in certain communities to help fight back against deportation and detention.

4. Voto Latino

The group is a pioneering civic media organization that seeks to transform America by acknowledging Latinos' innate leadership that can help grow the country's economy. They empower the community by focusing on civic engagement, issue advocacy, and leadership development. They also provide programs that engage Latinos as agents of change.