Immigration Program

Grassroots Leadership organizes communities to fight back against detention and deportation both in Texas and nationally. We are proud to have in Central Texas one of the strongest models of advocacy against detention tied to a program for visiting immigrant women in detention. We also look for solutions at the federal level where we are working in coalition with many others for an end to Operation Streamline and the federal immigrant lock-up quota. Read more »

Criminal Justice Program

Grassroots Leadership put itself on the front line of the fight against for-profit incarceration by organizing with community, faith, human and civil rights, criminal justice reform, and labor organizations.  Together, we have stopped new private prison contracts, shut down private prisons in states across the country, and exposed the heinousness of the private prison industry.  The truth is that  for-profit incarceration has no place in a democratic society. Read more »

Texas Organizing

Currently, Texas is home to more incarcerated people, immigration detention beds, and for-profit private prisons than any other state, making it ground zero in battles over criminal justice reform and immigrant detention.  Our work here is urgent.  So after years of working primarily in the Southeast, Grassroots Leadership began working in Texas in 2003 and strategically moved its organizing headquarters to Austin in 2012. Read more »