Austin Needs Homes Not Handcuffs

Read: Sign On Letter to Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Austin City Council in Favor of Repealing Ordinances That Criminalize Homelessness

Read the Report here: Homes Not Handcuffs: How Austin Criminalizes Homelessness

Photos from the April 2, 2018 protest

The three ordinances that specifically target and criminalize Austin’s homeless residents are:

  1. “No camping” (§9.4.11) – People often receive citations under this ordinance for storing personal belongings in public areas, sleeping in a vehicle, or otherwise appearing to be living in a public area.

  2. “No panhandling” (§9.4.13) – In theory this only applies to “aggressive solicitation,” in practice homeless people are cited for ordinary panhandling.

  3. “No sit/lie” (§9.4.14) – This ordinance forbids sitting or lying down in certain areas of downtown Austin. Homeless people are often cited simply for resting outside, even if they are not blocking pedestrian traffic or otherwise causing any harm.