Operation Streamline


Crossing the border was once a matter for civil immigration courts. Now, every day in federal criminal courts along the Southwest border, hundreds of mostly destitute Latino and indigenous Latin American migrants are shackled, charged, convicted and sentenced en masse under the policy called “Operation Streamline.” The program has proven to be a boon for private prisons by funneling tens of thousands of immigrants into federal prisons every year. Through research and advocacy, Grassroots Leadership is fighting for and end to this program.

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TRAC numbers confirm shift towards immigration prosecutions

A newly released report from TRAC shows what this blog has documented since its inception – a massive increase in the use of federal criminal prosecutions for border-crossers in districts along the border.  Previous to Operation Streamline, most border-crossers would have been deported, but not criminally prosecuted.

Now, we are seeing record prosecutions for immigration violations while national prosecutions of other felonies have actually declined.  According to the report from TRAC: [node:read-more:link]

Does GOP’s “pledge” include Operation Streamline funding?

Last week, the the GOP announced it’s “Pledge for America” – a campaign tool meant to hark back to the 1994 Contract for America that lead to sweeping Republican mid-term election gains.

The Washington Independent (Elise Foley, “‘Pledge to America’ Plans for Immigration” September 23, 2010) has an interesting look at what the some of the immigration implications of the “Pledge” may be, including how it could affect Operation Streamline: [node:read-more:link]