Texans United for Families


Texans United for Families, or TUFF, came together during the fight to end family detention at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center, just north of Austin. TUFF is a grassroots, all-volunteer-driven project of Grassroots Leadership. We support and coordinate TUFF members in their mission to fight back against immigrant detention and deportation close to home. In response to the influx of Central American families and children seeking refuge at the border, the Obama Administration announced the return of family detention in 2014. TUFF is fighting back to end this inhumane practice. Find out more about the consequences of family detention.

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Some thoughts about the relationship between the Hutto Visitation Program and Casa Marianella/Posada Esperanza.

At the Hutto Detention Center in Taylor, Texas, the incarceration continues of women from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, often perceived and then grouped as "las Latinas" or Spanish speakers.  The relentless, lethal gang wars that are tearing apart their neighborhoods and cities, in addition to domestic violence and sexual exploitation, impels some courageous women to suffer the hell passage on the train that goes from the southern border of Mexico with Guatemala into various points in Mexico. This train is known as la bestia. When they finally cross the border from Mexico into the U.S. they then spend days or as much as two weeks in the cold buildings under the control of the Border Patrol.  There they are subjected not only to extreme cold, absence of adequate clothing and bedding but a daily diet that many have told me consisted of nothing but two bologna sandwiches and water.  One woman asked me, “Is that not what is called torture?”

Dialogue on Detention: Closing Polk Together

In early October, representatives from Grassroots Leadership and Texans United for Families (TUFF) traveled to Houston, TX to meet with members of La Tuya (Texas Undocumented Youth Alliance) and LIFT (Liberating Immigrant Families Together) to strategize the closure of Polk County Detention Center in Livingston, Texas.  [node:read-more:link]

Close Down Polk: Expose & Close Vigil on December 8th

Activists marching outside the Polk detention center
As part of the national Expose & Close campaign, Grassroots Leadership, Texans United for Families, and Houston Unidos led a vigil this Saturday outside of the IAH (Polk) County Secure Adult Detention Center. Over a hundred community members from a diverse coalition of human rights group gathered to call for the closure of the detention center, highlight the continued human rights abuses, and denounce profiteering from the detention of immigrants in the US.  Activists from Austin had previously toured the facility and found atrocious conditions – detained men eat, sleep, and use the bathroom all in one room, spend up to twenty three hours in their crowded cells, and have little access to family or legal aid on the outside.  Sam Vong, one of the authors of a report on the facility, "witnessed horrible conditions" and says that "ICE must shut down this facility as a first step towards reducing its detained population."