Quotes: "The Dirty 30: Nothing to Celebrate About Thirty Years of Corrections Corporation of America"

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“This report demonstrates how CCA, despite major scandals and operational problems, has profited handsomely from our nation’s massive and troubled prison and immigrant detention systems.  It’s clear that private prison corporations have a vested interest in maintaining our system of mass immigrant detention and deportation.”

- Bob Libal, Executive Director, Grassroots Leadership


“This report provides proof positive of the plethora of problems that plague for-profit prison companies. From escapes and riots to homicides, sexual abuse and mistreatment of both prisoners and its own employees, it’s frankly amazing that Corrections Corporation of America has stayed in business for the past three decades. It has managed to do so only because it provides something that government agencies desperately want – bed space to house prisoners and immigration detainees, which feeds our nation’s enormous, and enormously profitable prison system. As a profit-making entity CCA is an apparent success but from a moral, ethical and socially-beneficial standpoint this report demonstrates how it is an abysmal failure.”

- Alex Friedmann, Associate Director, Human Rights Defense Center and President of the Private Corrections Institute


"For 30 years, CCA and companies like it have put profits ahead of our public safety.  It’s time for taxpayers to retake control of our prisons."

- Donald Cohen, Executive Director, In the Public Interest


"Though I am elated that the United Methodist Church divested from CCA and GEO Group, I know that United Methodists also remain determined to see the work and impact of private prisons come to an end. United Methodists are on the front lines when it comes to ministering among those directly impacted by our bloated criminal justice system,that now exceeds 2.3 million people. We know that this system of mass incarceration has been driven in large part due to the lobbying efforts and campaign contributions of private prisons and it is far past time to put the concerns and welfare of the common good above the special interests of private prisons. United Methodists look forward to celebrating the anniversaries of the closing of private prison corporations like CCA and GEO Group and we will not rest until that day is a reality."

- Bill Mefford, Director, Civil and Human Rights, General Board of Church and Society, The United Methodist Church


"Corrections Corporation of America has built its fortune through the incarceration of people of color, because that is who make up the majority of those in our prisons and jails. The NAACP believes that the concept of privately-owned companies making a profit by incarcerating human beings is intolerable.” 

-Dr. Niaz Kasravi, Director of the NAACP Criminal Justice Program


“Corrections officers have one of  the toughest jobs in America.  For their safety, as well as for the safety of inmates and communities that surround facilities, it’s important that Americans understand how CCA and companies like it cut corners and put us all in jeopardy.”

- Kerry Korpi, Director of Research and Collective Bargaining, AFSCME


“Our current immigration policies are systematically destroying families. On any given day, more than 34,000 immigrants are detained in remote locations far from their families.  Companies like Corrections Corporation of America profit from this broken and unjust system of mass detention where human rights violations are all too common.  Profiting off of detention of immigrants is nothing to celebrate.  Instead, our nation should stop detaining immigrants and keep families together."

- Andrea Black, Executive Director, Detention Watch Network