The ICE out of Austin campaign is throwing a goodbye party for Sheriff Hamilton

November 8, 2016

WHAT: Going away party for Sheriff Hamilton and his policy of helping ICE with deportations

WHO: Immigrant community members and their supporters

WHEN:   Wednesday, November 9th, 7:00 pm

WHERE: Travis County Sheriff’s office, 5555 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

(AUSTIN, Texas) — The ICE out of Austin campaign will be holding a celebration for the departure of Sheriff Hamilton from the position of Travis County Sheriff. Hamilton has been adamant about helping federal immigration officials deport community members from Travis County under his watch. . With a new sheriff coming into office, the ICE out of Austin campaign organizers believe they are closer than ever to ridding Travis County of federal deportation programs that have been rejected by community members, elected officials and now, Travis County voters.  

“For the first time in recent memory we are believe that we can sit down and talk to our sheriff about a new policy for Travis County,” said Alejandro Caceres, Grassroots Leadership immigration organizer. “We are not only celebrating Hamilton’s departure but also the departure of his policies that have torn the immigrant community apart for years.”

For more than three years the immigrant community has been campaigning for the Travis County Sheriff to not participate in the voluntary programs, S-Comm and now PEP-Comm, that have led to the deportations of thousands of local community members from Travis County. While hundreds of other progressive county and cities have opted out of  Secure Communities and the Priority Enforcement Program, former Sheriff Hamilton’s office has refused to address the immigrant community’s concerns.

A recent court ruling in Illinois found that   ICE holds are illegal, increasing the pressure on county leaders in Travis County and around Texas to opt-out of doing the job of federal immigration agents.  Already, a lawsuits in Bexar and Dallas counties proves that communities are at risk by cooperating with a federal agency that violates constitutional rights.  

The event will be held outside of the Travis County Sheriff’s office and will include music as well as luggage that is decorated with Hamilton’s ICE baggage to symbolize the deportation policies that have defined  Hamilton’s time in office.

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Contact: Alejandro Caceres,, 512-499-8111