Father of Austin immigration activist to be handed over to ICE after traffic stop

July 1, 2017

Detained by cop for rolling through a stop sign, Martin Guerrero’s case shows what Texans can expect if anti-immigrant law SB4 is allowed to go into effect

WHAT: Rally and press conference featuring Martin Guerrero’s family
WHO: Local immigrants right activists and supporters
WHEN:   Saturday, July 1 at 11am
WHERE: Hays County Jail 1307 Uhland Road, San Marcos, Texas 78666

(AUSTIN, Texas) —  A father of three and local business owner who has lived in central Texas for more than 30 years is now fighting to stay with his family after being pulled over during a traffic stop. Family, friends, and local community members will rally tomorrow to demand that the Hays County Sheriff refuse to uphold this warrantless ICE detainer and release Martin Guerrero Alvarado before he is handed over to ICE.

Alicia Guerrero witnessed her father’s arrest during a traffic stop early Thursday morning, after police say he rolled through a stop sign. Martin Guerrero Alvarado, a father of three U.S. citizen children and a DACA recipient, and local business owner, was arrested for driving without a license and is currently being held in Hays County Jail on an ICE detainer. Police are not required to arrest someone for driving without a license and have the discretion to instead issue a citation.

Jail officials have confirmed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials plan to transfer him to an ICE detention center on Sunday morning. A Hays County judge already waived Mr. Guerrero’s bond, but he is still unable to be released because of the voluntary detainer. Courts have ruled these detainers unconstitutional, and the Hays County Sheriff has full discretion to choose whether to honor the ICE request as SB4 has not yet been implemented.

Alicia Guerrero is Mr. Guerrero’s daughter. She joined Grassroots Leadership this summer as an intern for La Linea de Defensa Comunitaria, where she has responded to calls from immigrant community members seeking legal resources, or whose family members had been detained. She is a native Austinite,  former high school art teacher, and is currently a master’s student in the Educational Policy and Planning program at the University of Texas.

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