BREAKING: Fighting for her family, Hilda Ramirez leaves Sanctuary to call on Rep. Hurd to stop her deportation

September 26, 2018

Several members of the Austin Sanctuary Network are also with Alirio Gámez at the office of Rep. Castro, calling on him to stand up for Alirio and all immigrants


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Who: Hilda Ramirez, Alirio Gámez, the Austin Sanctuary Network, and the Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry
Where: Offices of Reps. Will Hurd -  17721 Rogers Ranch Parkway, Suite 120, San Antonio, TX 78258 and Joaquín Castro - 727 E. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd, Suite B-128, San Antonio, TX 78206

SAN ANTONIO — Hilda Ramirez and Alirio Gámez have left the protection of their Sanctuary churches in a fight for their lives. Aliro was recently diagnosed with serious health issues but cannot receive the medical care he needs while in sanctuary. Hilda hasn’t been able to participate fully in her son’s life for 4 years due to the threat of deportation. They need immediate relief from the threat of deportation and the confinement of sanctuary that has taken a toll on their health and prevented them from living their lives with true freedom and dignity.

Right now, members of the Austin Sanctuary Network have filled the San Antonio offices of Congress Members Joaquín Castro and Will Hurd, joining Hilda and Alirio as they ask the representatives to do everything they can to keep Hilda and Alirio with their communities in the U.S.

Hilda Ramirez is at Rep. Hurd’s office, and Alirio Gámez is at Rep. Castro’s office. Both are joined by members of the Austin Sanctuary Network who have vowed that they will not leave until they know their Hilda and Alirio are safe from deportation.

For the past few weeks, leaders from the Austin Sanctuary Network have been asking Rep. Hurd and Rep. Castro’s offices to use their congressional power to ask ICE for discretion on their cases.  Hundreds of people from around Texas have signed petitions and made calls asking the Representatives to intervene.

Austin Sanctuary Network members have vowed keep up their pressure with a rally scheduled for tomorrow.  

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