Locked Up and Shipped Away: Paying the Price for Vermont’s Response to Prison Overcrowding

This report is a Vermont-focused, supplemental brief to the November 2013 report, Locked Up and Shipped Away: Interstate Prisoner Transfers and the Private Prison Industry, states — Vermont, Idaho, Hawaii, and California — collectively send more than 10,000 prisoners to out-of-state private prisons. Grassroots Leadership now coordinates the national Locked Up and #ShippedAway Campaign to shed light on the experiences of those directly affected and demand that state leaders put an end to this inhumane practice, reduce the number of people behind bars, and cut ties with the private, for-profit prison industry. Grassroots Leadership has partnered with Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform — whose mission is to work for a more restorative and effective criminal justice response — to fight for the return of nearly 500 Vermonters currently housed in out-of-state private prisons. This report presents the facts about Vermont’s practice of shipping prisoners far from home, and most importantly, gives voice to the Vermont prisoners and their families and loved ones enduring the consequences.

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