Humpday Hall of Shame: Private Prison Companies Buying “Impartial” Accreditation Agency … Again

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at this point, but every time a private prison company pops up as a top sponsor of the largest “impartial” accrediting association in the world, we are. This time not one but eight private prison and private correctional healthcare companies, each with a history of human rights violations, are the top sponsors of the American Correctional Association’s 144th Congress of Corrections conference.

Among them are Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group, Management and Training Corporation, Corizon, Wexford Health, MHM Correctional Services, Centurion, and Naphcare.


Hump Day Hall of Shame: Corizon exposes people in Arizona prison to hepatitis

Last week, Corizon, a for-profit correctional healthcare company receiving $372 million from Arizona taxpayers, infected 24 incarcerated people with Hepatitis B and C. The life threatening exposures occurred when a nurse disregarded proper injection protocol, said Clarisse Tsang, the Department of Health Services hepatitis-prevention coordinator. Despite public concern for the lives of those incarcerated in the Arizona jail, Corizon did not make a statement about exposing patients to natural born pathogens until three days later, and still refuses to answer more specific questions.

Arizona's Death Yards | Prisoner Deaths Under Privatized Medical Care

Increasingly, when Grassroots Leadership talks about for-profit prison privatization, we are talking about not only the private ownership or operation of prisons, jails, and detention centers, but we are talking about a monstrous field of prison-related privatization.  This field includes re-entry programs, halfway houses, “alternatives” to incarceration, as well as food services, transportation, and healthcare delivered to those incarcerated in both privately and publicly operated facilities.  As it becomes more and more difficult for for-profit private prison companies to procure new contracts due to decreasing rates of incarceration and other factors, other arms of the industry have adapted so that profits continue to be reaped on the backs of those behind bars.   


Similar to our findings on the pitfalls of management and operation of prisons by for-profit private companies, anecdotally we have found that the privatization of services also compromises the health, safety and well-being of prisoners.


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