Welcome Hutto Visitation Intern, Andrea Muraira

Grassroots Leadership is pleased to welcome, Andrea Muraira as our new Hutto Visitation Intern. Andrea will be outreaching to volunteers, supporting all trainings as well as co-facilitating the Spanish language Hutto Visitation trainings.   [node:read-more:link]

Welcoming University of Texas intern Ashley C. Rivera

Grassroots Leadership is pleased to welcome Ashley C. Rivera to our team this semester. 

Originally from U.S.-Mexico border town El Paso, Texas,  Ashley is an undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin studying both Sociology and Anthropology. Ashley is also a member of the Bridging Disciplines Program which aims to offer students interdisciplinary certification in areas outside of their majors. Her areas of interest include Human Rights and Social Justice, Women’s and Gender Studies, Black and Latino Studies, Immigration, Media, Culture and Identities.

Ashley recently took interest in detention, private prisons and immigration policy following a study abroad program in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and is very excited to be part of a movement advocating for human rights against for-profit corporations who lobby for and profit from the criminalization and detention of migrants and other marginalized groups.


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