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Apr 14, 2015
Huffington Post

Mothers Launch A Second Hunger Strike At Karnes City Family Detention Center

"...Some activists view the private prison industry as partly responsible for the growth of family immigrant detention. The country’s largest private prison company, the Corrections Corporation of America, operates the newly constructed, 2,400-bed family detention center in Dilley, Texas. The second-largest private prison company, GEO Group, runs the 500-bed facility at Karnes City.

Christina Parker [sic], the immigrant programs director at the Austin, Texas-based nonprofit Grassroots Leadership, said Tuesday that letting private companies run detention centers only creates an incentive to lock up more migrants.

'Every bed and every crib represents more profits for them,' Parker said." [node:read-more:link]

Apr 1, 2015
International Business Times

Immigration Reform 2015: Women Reportedly On Hunger Strike In Texas Immigration Detention Center

A letter released by the women on Tuesday outlined the motivation of the group and the reasoning behind the hunger strike. “You should know that this is only the beginning and we will not stop until we achieve our objectives.  This strike will continue until every one of us is freed,” the letter read, according to a copy released by grassrootsleadership.org. “We deserve to be treated with some dignity and that our rights, to the immigration process, be respected.” [node:read-more:link]

#TBT To when we cheered the end of family detention in Texas

Today’s #tbt is a throwback to the time we cheered the end of family detention at the T. Don Hutto detention center. When the Obama administration ordered an end to family detention there in 2009 and that no new family detention centers would be built, we thought that this particular fight was over. Unfortunately, we were wrong.  

A letter to the Prime Minister of Canada from a child at Hutto.



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