Private Prison Medical Corporation Correct Care Solutions Found at Fault After Man Dies in Montgomery County Jail Facility

Recently, in a Montgomery County Jail, David Courtney died while under the care of the private medical corporation Correct Care Recovery Solutions. Correct Care was formerly known as GEO Care, an o

ffshoot and former subsidiary of the for-profit private prison company GEO Group. Interestingly, this is the same company that was tentatively awarded a contract to operate Terrell State Hospital (TSH) last October.

Following the death of David Courtney in December, the Texas County Commission on Jail Standards ruled that the Montgomery County facility was out of compliance. Courtney had been complaining about his health since September but was not seen by a doctor until October 31. Although Courtney was found to have died of natural causes due to complications with AIDS, the Texas County Commission on Jail Standards determined that the facility failed to administer care in a timely manner. Since then, the facility has moved to increase  staffing by hiring six additional nurses and extending  the doctor’s weekly hours in order to address “a personnel shortage.” In addition, officials will be monitoring medical grievances weekly and making attempts to improve the facilities current record keeping protocols. Currently, Correct Care is facing scrutiny and  litigation in two other death cases; one in a Kansas facility and another in Colorado.


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