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BREAKING: At least 27 women on hunger strike at the Hutto Detention Center #Hutto27

The women were unanimous about their one and only demand: immediate release. 


UPDATE: The Hunger stike continues for a third day. ICE has retaliated against the women at the center by denying them time outside when they might see our vigil and hear our chants. 

News broke Wednesday evening that at least 27 women refused dinner at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center in Taylor, Texas as the start of a hunger strike.  [node:read-more:link]

Correct Care Recovery Solutions to run lockdown facility in Littlefield

As part of a series of changes to the civil commitment program in Texas, Littlefield will serve as the new home for nearly 200 individuals convicted of a sexual offense who have served their time, but who have been indefinitely civilly committed. Although federally required to be a treatment program, not a punitive one, a company with roots in the private prison industry will operate the facility. Correct Care Recovery Solutions (CCRS), formerly known as GEO Care, is a spin-off corporation of GEO Group, the same corporation that operated the facility until 2009. [node:read-more:link]

Welcoming Cate Graziani to the Grassroots Leadership team

We're happy to welcome Cate Graziani to the Grassroots Leadership team as our new Mental Health Campaigns Coordinator.  

While completing a Master of Science in Social Work and a Master of Public Affairs from UT - Austin, Cate contributed to Grassroots Leadership’s groundbreaking research on the private prison industry’s foray into mental healthcare, and the over-incarceration of individuals with mental health and substance use disorders was the focus of her master’s thesis [node:read-more:link]